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THE BEST WAY FROM AN IDEA TO A PROFITWhy invest in Zagreb County?

It’s because of its location in central Croatia and good traffic connections, primarily with the city of Zagreb, as well as the railway and highway network connecting it to all other parts of Croatia.

The area of Zagreb County is the intersection of European transport corridors – road, rail, and air. The largest Croatian airport (Franjo Tuđman Airport) is located on the territory of the largest city in the County, Velika Gorica. The immediate proximity of Zagreb (administrative, university, scientific, banking, stock exchange, and diplomatic centre), which the County surrounds with its ring-like appearance, and with it forms a unique whole, makes everyday business easier for entrepreneurs.

With its entrepreneurship zones, polycentrically distributed in the areas of cities and municipalities, Zagreb County is the region with the most significant investment potential in the Republic of Croatia. In recent years, it has also been one of the fastest-growing regions in Croatia. The land size available for new investments in business zones ranges from five to almost a hundred hectares.

With a series of incentive measures, the regional self-government makes it easier for entrepreneurs to do business. It creates conditions for a positive business environment and supports business ideas.


Road, rail, air, energy, and infrastructure corridors pass through the County connecting all parts of Croatia with the city of Zagreb.

The County surrounds the city of Zagreb and together with it forms a natural, transport, economic, and population unit.

Spatial plans of cities and municipalities in Zagreb County envisage about fifty business zones of various purposes

Professional and qualified workers, as well as scientific institutions within a radius of 50 kilometres.

THE RIGHT PLACE TO REALIZE ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEASAdditional benefits provided to investors

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Cities & mcps
Preserved natural resources

Groundwater, geothermal sources, mineral raw materials, forests, soil for ecological agriculture

Tax relief

Lower utility contribution and exemption from paying the utility fee

Adaptive local government

The professional team of employees in the County and in its cities and municipalities is ready to help investors any time

Excellent living conditions

The possibility of living in urban or smaller rural areas with excellent traffic connections

Leading retail chains have located their distribution centres in Zagreb County Business Zones

GREEN RING OF ZAGREBThe place where an entrepreneurial story begins


Around fifty business zones are foreseen in Zagreb County in the cities and municipalities’ spatial plans. The area of the zones ranges from 5 to over 300 hectares. About twenty of them are active, in which are currently operating about 300 businesses with over 7,000 employees.

The geostrategic position of Zagreb County, especially its proximity to Zagreb, had a great influence on zone planning. Due to lower operating costs and the same availability of labour, businessmen move their plants outside of Zagreb, to its immediate surroundings.

A series of benefits offered to investors by cities and municipalities (such as lower utility contributions and reduced utility payments), excellent transport connections and communal facilities in business zones, as well as qualified workforce, make the area of Zagreb County extremely attractive for investments. The highways pass through its area (some business zones are located right next to the entrance to the highway) railway corridors, as well as the Franjo Tuđman Airport, which makes Zagreb County an ideal place for investments.

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