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Dubravica MUNICIPALITYBusiness zone 1 - Dubravica Farm

Located along the Donja Pušća-Dubravica county road, the zone is 31 kilometres away from the Zagreb-Rijeka highway (European route E65; Croatian route A1, A6). It is 25 kilometres from Zagreb. The zone covers 13 hectares and can be used for industrial and craft activities. The zone is connected to the public water supply, electricity and telecommunications system and gas pipeline.

0 ha
The zone area​
0 ha
Available land
Access road

The zone is located right next to the Donja Pušća-Dubravica county road


The zone is 11 kilometres away from the Harmica railway station


It is 50 kilometres from the zone to the Franjo Tuđman Airport

Sea ​​port

Industrial, Craftsmanship

zone purposeIndustrial, Craftsmanship

Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
0 storey
Building height limit

Utility equipment in the zoneInfrastructure

THE BEST INVESTMENTOwnership structure and land price

Estimated land sale price / m2

upon inquiry

Number of businesses in the zone


Invest in the safe business environment of Zagreb County with incentive measures for economy development

  • The communal fee for manufacturing activities amounts to 1.33 €/m3.
    At the request of the person liable to pay the communal contribution, the Municipal Council of Dubravica can exempt the obligee from paying a part or the entire amount of the communal fee if they build buildings intended for healthcare, for the needs of social welfare, culture, sports, for the needs of defence and internal affairs, as well as religious needs, that is, if they build facilities of public interest and interest for the Dubravica Municipality.
  • Real estate used for manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities 0.0812 €/m2.
  • Commercial land used for business activities – 0.0081 €/m2.
  • Unbuilt commercial land – 0.0013 €/m2.
  • For commercial real estate and commercial land, if the business activity is not carried out for more than six months, the coefficient of use is reduced by 50%, but it cannot be lower than the coefficient of use for residential space.
Utility fees paying exemption
  • For real estate that is used for the activity of elementary education, that is used by the Croatian Army for the operational needs of defence, that is used for the activity of the fire services, that serves religious communities to carry out their religious and educational activities, for buildings and land that is used by Dubravica Municipality or for the activity which is mostly financed from the municipal budget, for real estate used by the Ministry of the Interior Affairs.
  • The fee is paid according to the tariff class “Real estate of manufacturing activities and services” and is 0.04 €/m2.

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