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Town of Dugo SeloČrnovcak Business Zone

It is located right next to the railway station in Dugo Selo, at the intersection of two international railway routes: Ljubljana-Zagreb-Vinkovci-Belgrade and Ljubljana-Zagreb-Koprivnica-Budapest. It is four kilometres from the entrance to the Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac highway (European route E70; Croatian route A3), and 20 kilometres from Zagreb. The zone covers 85.3 hectares of land, most of which is state-owned.

The zone area​
0 ha
Available land
0 ha
Access road

The county road is 1.2 kilometres away from the zone


The Dugo Selo train station is 1.4 kilometres from the zone. There is a possibility of building an industrial track.


The Zone is 16 kilometres away from Franjo Tuđman Airport

Sea ​​port

The port of Rijeka is 180 kilometres away from the Zone

zone purposeProduction, Industrial, Craftsmanship, Storage, Business

Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Building height limit
0 m

Utility equipment in the zoneInfrastructure

THE BEST INVESTMENTOwnership structure and land price

Estimated land sale price / m2
Number of businesses in the zone


Invest in the safe business environment of Zagreb County with incentive measures for economy development

  • Communal fee for manufacturing activities 5,60 €/m³ (for 5,04 €/m³ one-time payment)
  • Communal fee for office space 5,60 €/m³ (5,04 €/m³ one-time payment)
  • Communal fee for service activities 5,60 €/m³ (5,04 €/m³ one-time payment)
Communal fee paying exemption
Partial exemption from paying the communal fee in the amount of:
  • 20% of the amount for premises whose gross area is from 1001 m2 to 3000 m2
  • 30% of the amount for premises whose gross area is from 3001 m2 to 5000 m2
  • 50% of the amount for premises whose gross area is over 5000 m2
  • For manufacturing and service areas (except for financial ones) and warehouses 3,2 €/m²
  • Land used for business activities 0,32 €/m²
  • IT sector 1,258 €/m²
Legal entities and persons who start to perform business are exempted from paying the utility fee:
  • in the first year of work, 100% of the utility fee
  • in the second year of work, 50% of the amount of the utility fee
  • in the third year of work, 25% of the utility fee
  • 0,12 €/m³ for manufacturing buildings
  • 0,67 €/m³ for commercial buildings
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