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Town OF JASTREBARSKOJalševac Business Zone

One of the largest greenfield areas in Croatia – it covers an area of 354.3 ha – it is located right next to the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik highway (European route E65, E71; Croatian route A1). Exiting the highway leads directly to the Zone, equipped with all the necessary utility infrastructure (electricity, water, drainage, gas, telecommunications, roads). An industrial track was built in the Zone, and a railway line runs along its edge – in the Zagreb-Rijeka-Split direction.

0 ha
The zone area​
0 ha
Available land
Access road

The state road (D310) passes through the Zone and connects to the A1 highway (Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik).


An own railway track was built in the Zone. The Jastrebarsko train station is located right next to the Zone.


The Franjo Tuđman Airport is 30 kilometres from the Zone

Sea ​​port

The Zone is 120 kilometres from the Port of Rijeka

zone purposeProduction, Industrial, Craftsmanship, Storage, Business

Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
0 m
Building height limit

Utility equipment in the zoneInfrastructure

THE BEST INVESTMENTOwnership structure and land price

Estimated land sale price / m2
0 +
Number of businesses in the zone


Invest in the safe business environment of Zagreb County with incentive measures for economy development

  • The communal fee is 4 €/m2
Communal fee paying exemption
  • 20% for business facilities where manufacturing activities will be carried out
  • 15% for facilities whose communal fee exceeds 5,000,000 kn
  • It is possible to pay  the fee in 12 equal monthly instalments
The annual amount of the utility fee depends on the activity
  • Production and processing activities – 1.0 €/m2
  • Catering services of accommodation and meals (hotels and restaurants) – 2.0 €/m2
  • Transportation, storage, telecommunications, and postal services – 5.3 €/m2
  • Financial activities, insurance activities, trade in motor fuels – 6.1 €/m2
Utility fee paying exemption
Entrepreneurs who start their business are exempt from paying the utility fee:
  • in the first year of operation, 100% of the amount
  • in the second year of operation, 75% of the amount
  • in the third year of operation, 25% of the amount
  • The amount of the water fee is determined by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Narodne novine, 82/10 and 108/13). The fee depends on the classification of the economic entity according to the national classification of activities and the corresponding tariff per m2 per month.
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