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Luka MUNICIPALITYLuka Business Zone

Of the 68.5 hectares that make up the Zone, 32.3 hectares of land are available for investing, all of which are privately owned. The Zone is located next to the Zagreb-Macelj highway (European route E59; Croatian route A2), from which the exit in Zaprešić is 15 kilometres away. A railway track passes through the Zone, which also has a freight track (Zagreb-Krapina direction). It is 30 kilometres from Zagreb, and 10 kilometres from the border with Slovenia. It is equipped with all the necessary utility infrastructure – electricity, water and gas installations, drainage, telecommunications, built roads, public lighting

The zone area​
0 ha
Available land
0 ha
Access road

The Zone can be reached via the Pojatno-Luka county road. An unclassified road passes through the Zone.


The railway track passes through the Zone


The Franjo Tuđman Airport is 38 kilometres from the Zone

Sea ​​port

The Zone is 180 kilometres from the Port of Rijeka

zone purposeProduction, Craftsmanship, Storage, Business, Service, Utility service, Commercial

Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Building height limit
0 storey

Utility equipment in the zoneInfrastructure

THE BEST INVESTMENTOwnership structure and land price

Estimated land sale price / m2
Number of businesses in the zone


Invest in the safe business environment of Zagreb County with incentive measures for economy development

  • Communal fee for manufacturing activities 3.32 €/m3
  • Communal fee for office space 3.32 €/m3
  • Communal fee for service activities 3.32 €/m3
Communal fee paying exemption
  • 10% discount for single payment of communal fee
  • For manufacturing activity 1.40 €/m2 per year
  • For non- manufacturing activities 2.80 €/m2 per year
  • For unbuilt land 0.04 €/m2 per year
  • It is paid depending on the class of activity according to the Regulation on the amount of compensation for water management

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