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Town of Velika GoricaVukovinsko Polje Business Zone (Meridian 16 Business park)

The Zone is in Velika Gorica, the sixth largest city in Croatia. It extends south of the Franjo Tuđman Airport. It is 2 kilometres from the entrance to the Zagreb-Sisak highway (A11), and 4 kilometres from the train station in Velika Gorica. Roads have been built in the Zone. According to spatial planning documentation, the Zone covers an area of almost 110 hectares. Investors are provided with connection to the electricity, water, and sewage network.

The zone area​
0 ha
Available land
0 ha
Access road

The Zone is about 1,000 meters from the Velika Gorica-Pokupsko state road


The Zone is 4 kilometres from the Velika Gorica railway station


The Zone is 7 kilometres the Franjo Tuđman Airport

Sea ​​port

The Port of Rijeka is 170 kilometres from the Zone

zone purposeProduction, Industrial, Craftsmanship, Storage, Business, Administrative, Service, Utility service, Commercial

Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Building height limit
0 m

Utility equipment in the zoneInfrastructure

THE BEST INVESTMENTOwnership structure and land price

Estimated land sale price / m2
Number of businesses in the zone
0 +


Invest in the safe business environment of Zagreb County with incentive measures for economy development

  • The communal fee for manufacturing activities, office space and service activities is 5.87 €/m³
Communal fee paying exemption

A) Reduction in the range from 10% to 90%

  • for the construction of warehouses and service buildings, the amount of the communal contribution is reduced by 10%
  • for the construction of residential buildings with a volume of up to 700 m³, the amount of the communal contribution is reduced by 20%
  • for the construction of production buildings and auxiliary buildings in the function of the main building (garages, storage rooms, boiler rooms, woodsheds, etc.), the amount of the communal contribution is reduced by 50%.
  • for the construction of farms, fruit and vegetable processing plants, wine production buildings, honey bottling plants, mini dairies, and agricultural buildings (barn, piggery, poultry house, plant food storage…) the amount of communal contribution is reduced by 90%

B) Payment

  • one-time: within 30 days from the decision execution date – 20% reduction
  • upon request: approval of payment in a maximum of 36 monthly instalments within 3 years
  • Business premises used for manufacturing activities 0.2 €/m²
  • Business premises used for other activities 0.4 €/m²
Utility fee paying exemption
Exemption at the request of the taxpayer for business premises, if they start to manufacturing activities for the first time:
  • 100% of the amount for the first year
  • 50% of the amount for the second year
  • 25% of the amount for the third year
  • Business premises of shops and services 0.14 €/m² per month
  • Business premises for manufacturing activities and services 0.04 €/m² per month
  • Business premises for shops and services 0.03 €/m² per year
  • Other business premises 0.013 €/m² per year
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