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Zagreb CountyA Desirable Place to Live With Lots of Business Opportunities

Zagreb County Entrepreneurship CenterTimely and reliable information is the key to success


In the last twenty years, numerous entrepreneurial ideas have been realized in Zagreb County business zones. With the support of the regional self-government and competent ministries, the cities and municipalities in which the zones are located constantly invest in the infrastructural equipment of the zones, making them attractive to investors. An additional advantage is that the business zones are being developed near Zagreb, which is well connected by transport. The proximity of the airport, international road and rail routes, and even the Port of Rijeka are arguments that give preference to business zones in Zagreb County.

Zagreb County is also helping investors, issuing building permits in the shortest possible time. On an annual basis, the County provides considerable funds for developing the zones themselves and supports entrepreneurial ideas with a series of incentive measures. The County is a reliable partner for investors, which through the Zagreb County Entrepreneurship Center – an entrepreneurial support institution – provides interested parties with all the necessary information about business zones. Timely and reliable information is the key to success! And that’s why, when you plan to implement an entrepreneurial idea in Zagreb County, contact the professionally trained staff of the Zagreb County Entrepreneurship Center.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONCrossroads of European transport corridors


Located in the central part of north-western Croatia, Zagreb County covers an area of 3,078 square kilometres. According to the 2021 census, 301,206 inhabitants live on its territory.

Most of the County surrounds the city of Zagreb, which is why it is called the Green Ring. The specific geographical position makes Zagreb County a crucial crossroads of European transport corridors and a significant transit area. Road, rail, air, energy, and infrastructure corridors pass through its territory in the direction of the west (Slovenia, Italy), east (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), north (Austria, Hungary) and south (The Adriatic Sea). The harmonious development of its urban part and the preservation of agricultural production in rural areas make Zagreb County a desirable place to live, with many possibilities and business opportunities.

Centuries ago, the area of Zagreb County brought people together and attracted them. Although diverse, it can be divided into primary areas: the lowlands (Turopolje, Posavina, and Pokupje) and the hill areas (Žumberak, Samoborsko Gorje, and Prigorje). The diversity of its customs and traditional values rests on this division.

The area of Zagreb County is the intersection of European transport corridors - road, rail, and air

RURAL AREAThe largest number of registered farms


Zagreb County is one of the economically fastest-growing Croatian regions. Its rich history, tradition, culture, preserved nature and gastronomic offer make it an attractive ‘green’ tourist destination.

Agriculture is one of its most important economic activities, while rural areas are its most significant wealth! The strength of agriculture reflects in the highest number of registered family farms in the Republic of Croatia. More than 50% of the population lives in ‘local rural communities’, which makes Zagreb County a predominantly rural region. According to statistical data, depending on the year, up to a tenth of the value of Croatian agriculture is created on its territory – mostly in livestock production and fruit growing. Despite its geographical location, directly connected to the most significant urban centre – the city of Zagreb, Zagreb County is a substantial producer of several agricultural products at the national level. It is among the top five counties in the Republic of Croatia in terms of production of milk, eggs, grapes, and wine, in terms of the number of fruit vines and fruit trees, in terms of areas under vegetables, and the duration of the number of cattle, pigs, and laying hens. In addition to the production amount, it is among the leaders in introducing new technologies to family farms.

TOURIST DESTINATIONSA green oasis near Zagreb!


Ideal for a holiday, a short trip, or a more extended stay. Magical nature, hiking trails, cycling routes, ornithological reserves, Žumberak-Samobor Hills Nature Park, sport fishing, hunting, wineries, catering facilities, lodgings, autochthonous gastronomic offer (from Prigorje, Zagorje, Turopolje, Moslavina, Posavina), recognizable tourist manifestations, landmarks, historical figures, legends. Rural tourism, health tourism in Naftalan, and religious tourism in Krašić (in the Cardinal Valley). All this makes Zagreb County an attractive tourist destination, with over sixty accommodation facilities – hotels, apartments, rooms, and holiday houses, and over fifty rural households and picnic spots.

Fašnik (a masquerade) in Samobor, Wine Days in Jastrebarsko, What did Our Elders Eat in Vrbovac, Bučijada in Ivanić-Grad, legends about the Templars and St. Martin in Dugo Selo, the International Knights Tournament in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Fish Festival in Sveta Nedelja, St. George’s Day in Turopolje, Days of Jelačić in Zaprešić are events that attract visitors, excursionists, travellers. They are also attracted by the county wine roads – Plešivica, Zelina, and Samobor, where you can taste wines and sparkling wines in beautifully decorated wineries, along with the authentic gastronomic offer, which has been given numerous awards for their quality.

Zagreb County - ideal for a vacation, for a short trip, for a longer stay...

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